Our stance on funeral plans


We feel that funeral plans overall should be considered with a 'proceed with caution' sign; as there are a lot of charlatans out there just trying to take advantage of people when they are at their most vulnerable.


However in and of themselves (and outside of those disreputable companies which will forever remain nameless), funeral plans do present some unique benefits, if and only if you feel you're really struggling with finances. With that said we've come across one website we really like, which offers helpful guides to funeral planning options in general as well as having a bit of an encyclopedia of prepaid funeral plans - so that you can make the right choice. While we don't like recommending any websites we felt this one, FuneralGuide.co.uk was different to the rest especially when you read the owners story and how he came to know so much about this somewhat murky; and at times, confusing topic. We hope it comes in handy for you and look forward to receiving your funeral music requests.

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